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A New Year, A New Beginning

A new year traditionally breeds new changes, and that’s no different for us here at Quay Television.

Retail is evolving, in both good ways and, well……the not so good ways. With almost all retailers heading for the internet hills, browsing for items you are interested in is far easier online, allowing you to research, compare and read reviews helping you make a decision. However face-to-face interactions between the retailer and consumer and the ability to have a hands on with the product has been somewhat lost in this transition. For independent, bricks and mortar shops like us however, we are determined not get left behind, but also maintain our relationship with our customers as it has been since 1970!

We are in the process of building our online presence through means of our Website, blog and other social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and potentially YouTube. This doesn’t mean we will lose our excellent customer care found in store, It just means that now, it can also be found online.

The idea of shopping online to some can feel daunting, treacherous and unnatural, with the inability to directly interact with the object your interested in or engaging in a conversation with a specialist, trust between consumer and retailer can be lost, and in areas where money is concerned, confidence is Quay. As an independent retailer we are in a unique position with the ability to offer an online store available 24/7 and a high street shop environment, which allows you to physically interact with the products while having experts on hand. Not only that, we also offer a free home spec up visit for anyone wanting practical advice on products we sell.


Going forward into 2017 we will be building our website and online presence to not only keep up with evolution but also to allow those who prefer, and have become accustomed to online shopping, to do so. Expect to see our full product range on our website, allowing you to browse in the comfort of your own home before making a decision. With the option to purchase through the website just as smoothly as popping in-store but, should you require more information, a hands on trial or just some experienced advice, the ability to pick up the phone and chat, write us an email or come and speak with us directly, the choice still remains.

This doesn’t mean we will change in store. The shop will still offer friendly advice and a personal service above all else. All it means is you will now have the option of convenience plus the ability to comment and tell us what you think.


We now have a fully operational website, Facebook page, Instagram and twitter account plus this fancy new blog page. Starting with the blog, we will add honest reviews of our latest and greatest products to help you get the bigger picture of each item we stock. A Facebook page keeping you in the know of sales, price changes and all the excitement you could possibly need (or want) from an electronics retailer, plus Instagram/Twitter for all our witty banter and creative imagery.


For those more accustomed to social media and online shopping, we ask, if you wish to participate, then please feel free to do so. Commenting, liking, sharing, reviewing and generally spreading the good word of Quay Television, our products and our services really helps us. It costs nothing, but does so much for us, all of which we are all very thankful for. So if your up for the challenge, hit those thumbs ups, let us know what you think, leave a review and share amongst your friends and groups, and we will be forever grateful.